MODERN CHAIR IN MOSS GREEN MATERIAL WITH VELVET CUSHION – – – – 5 5 0 SETTEE TO MATCH – – – 10 10 0 COCKTAIL CABINET IN OAK 3 3 0 COFFEE SET LUSTRE (FOR 6) 19 6 JADE, 85 WIGMORE STREET, W.I PITMANS ART BOOKS THE TECHNIQUE OF FLOWER PAINTING By ESTHER BOROUGH JOHNSON. A detailed treatise on Flower Painting in Oils, Water-colour and Pastel. It describes the general methods, and thon proceeds to a detailed explanation of this artist’s own methods in the above three media. Demy 450, cloth gilt, s46 pp., with 41 full-page colour plates and i3 other illustrations. 25S. net. MODERN WATER-COLOUR PAINT-ING AND PAINTERS OF TO-DAY Edited by J. LirrujokiNs, R.I., R.B.A., R.C.A., R.W.A. An interesting survey of modern water-colour art, with illustrations by twenty 3.vell-known present-dey painters and notes on their individuel styles and techniques. Demy 4w, cloth gilt, 16o pp., with go full-page colour plates. 25S. net. THE TECHNIQUE OF OIL PAINTING By LEONARD RICHMOND, R.O.I., R.B.A. Artists and students who wish to «ce! in the exorcise of this medium will find the clear instruction and colour demonstrations given in this treatise of the greatest practical value. The many reproductions of finished studios will be a source of unending delight w all who admire and practise oil painting. Demy 4to, cloth gilt, 152. pp., with 47 full-page colour plat.. 2I5. net. THE ART OF LANDSCAPE PAINTING By LÉONARD RicHmoND, R.O.I., R.B.A. This book deals with Landscape Painting in its fundamentals, and discusses the three media of Oil, Water-colour and Pastel in this connection. The explanations are freely illustrated throughout with beautifully reproduced exemples from the Author’s portfolios. Demy 4to, cloth gilt, with 39 full-page colour plates and many other illustrations. 25S. net. Just Published FASHION DRAWING TECHNIQUE By MABEL L11.1*/4 HALL Author of  » Fashion Drawing and Dress Design  » This nem, book contains valuable hints for the Art Student upon the treatment of the human figure in all its phases from the nude to the draped. Although primarily designed for the guidance of students concentrating on Fashion Drawing, it will be extremely helpful to others who are inter.ted in the uses of varions media in the representation of textures of materials, and in the methods of delineating the naturel flow of drape, under muscular action. Crown 4to, cloth, toz pp., with so plates in fine and half-tone 8s. 6d. net Order from a Bookseller or Full details of any of the direct from the publishers above books free on request SIR ISAAC PITMAN & SONS LTD., Parker Street, Kingsway, London, W.C.2 MELBOURNE : TORONTO : NEW YORK