4- APRIL EXHIBITIONS ARLINGTON GALLERY, 22 Old Bond Street, W.1. Miss A. J. Dickinson—Furniture made in her School and Workshops in Travnik, Jugoslavia. 10-5.30 (Saturdays 10-1). BRITISH MUSEUM, Great Russell Street, W.C.1. Antiquities, Printed Books and Manuscripts, Prints and Drawings. 10-6 daily (Sundays 2-6). BROOK STREET GALLERY, 14 Brook Street, W.1. March 31—April 15, Paintings by May de M. Edwardes. April 18-29, Modem Reproductions, Colour Woodcuts. FINE ART SOCIETY LTD., 148 New Bond Street, W.1. Fine Old Sporting Prints in Colour. IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, South Kensington, S.W.7. Permanent Exhibition of Works executed by Artists during the War. 10-6 daily (Sundays 2-6). LEMME GALLERIES, la King Street, St. James’s, S.W.1. New Paintings and Drawings by Ethel Walker and Art Celebrities by Cicely Hey, until April 8. LEGER GALLERY, 13 Old Bond Street, W.1. Recent Paintings by Norman Lloyd. March 22—April 13. LEICESTER GALLERIES, Leicester Square, W.C.2. (1) The Art of James Pryde. (2) Pictures by John Aldridge. (3) Works by Reginald Brill. Admission ls. NATIONAL GALLERY, Trafalgar Square, W.C.2. Old Masters. 10-6 daily (Sundays 2-6). Thursdays and Fridays 6d. ; other days free. NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY, St. Martin’s Place, W.C.2. British Celebrities of the Past. Lectures at 3 p.m. Monday—Friday. 10-6 (Thursdays and Fridays 10-5 ; Sundays 2.30-5.30). Thursdays and Fridays 6d. ; other days free. NEW BURLINGTON GALLERIES, Burlington Gardens, W.1 Closed. R.B.A. GALLERY, 6i Suffolk Street, Pall Mall, S.W.1. Scottish Military Statuettes by C. d’O. Pilkington Jackson, from the Scottish Naval and Military Museum. 10-6 daily. Admission ls. REDFERN GALLERY, 27 Uld Bond btrcct, 1 .1. Recent Oils by Richard Eurich. ROYAL INSTITUTE GALLERIES, 195 Piccadilly, W.1. 124th Annual Exhibition of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water-colours. 10-5 daily. Admission ls. ROYAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, 35 Russell Square, W.C.1. (1) Yorkshire Photographie Union. (2) Pictorialists of Los Angeles. (3) Cloud Studies by A. C. Banfield, F.R.P.S. TATE GALLERY, Millbank, S.W.1. British and Foreign Modem Painting and Sculpture. 10-6 daily (Sundays 2-6). Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6d. ; other days free. TOOTH’S GALLERY, 155 New Bond Street, W.1. Paint-ings by Richard Wyndham. VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, South Kensington, S.W.7. Permanent Exhibition. Special Exhibitions (1) New Acquisitions—Central Court. (2) Photographe of English Medieval Architecture and Sculpture—Dept. of Engraving and Design. 10-6 daily (Sundays 2.30-6). WALKER’S GALLERIES, 118 New Bond Street, W.1. (1) Furniture from H.M. The Queen’s Carving School, Sandringham (opens 3rd). (2) Airscapes—Aerial Photo-graphs by Aerofilms Ltd. (opens 20th). (3) Glebe-Chelsea Pottery Models by A. Madeline Raper (closes 10th). (4) Early English Water-colours— » Five Guineas and Under. » WALLACE COLLECTION, Manchester Square, W.1. Permanent Exhibition of Paintings, Sculpture, Fur-niture and Armour. 10-5 (Sundays 2-5). Tuesdays and Fridays 6d. ; other days free. ZWEMMER GALLERY, 26 Litchfield Street, Charing Cross Road, W.C.2. Wood Engravings by Blair Hughes-Stanton. All Galleries open 10-6, Sats. 10-1, and admission free, unless otherwise stated. Applications for entries on this page should be addressed to ART EXHIBITIONS BUREAU, 3.5 Burlington Gardens, W.1. AD. 1V