T Edited by C. Geoffrey Holme E STUDIO Number 481 Volume CV Contents for April 1933 FORT IETH BIRT DAY NUMBER PAGE EDITORIAL . . . . . 207 The Founder of THE STUDIO. P. A. de Laszlo . . 211 An Impression of Charles Holme. Sir John Martin Harvey . 215 Forty Years’ Evolution in the Fine Arts. Sir William Rothenstein 219 Personalities of the Modem Movement . . 230 Forty Years of British Architecture. C. R. Ashbee . . 233 The Rebirth of Design in Craftsmanship. Professer J. Hoffmann 240 The Film, the Theatre and the Poster . . . . . 246 The European Movement Towards a New Architecture. J. J. P. Oud 249 The European Influence of THE STUDIO. Amelia S. Levetus . 257 Sculpture • • . . . 261 Memories of the Art World. Malcolm C. Salaman . . 262 The Rise of American Architecture and Design. Donald Deskey 266 The Rise of American Art. Carlisle Burrows . 274 SUPPLEMENTS The Café Royal. Painting by Sir William Orpen, R.A. Frontispiece Original Lithograph by Frank Brangwyn, R.A. 213 Evening in The Vale. Painting by Professor Henry Tonks 217 Stil! Life. Painting by Paul Cézanne . 231 Baccante. Painting by Leon Bakst . 247 The Spirit of Progress. Original Lithograph by C. R. W. Nevinson . 259 The Unwise One, Original Lithograph by Dame Laura Knight, A.R.A. 279 TYPOG RAPHY The headings to articles and the tities to illustrations in this issue are set in the Gill Sans Type (light and medium faces). In itself this type, designed by Mr. Eric Gill, sculptor and engraver, represents a great achievement in design, its purity of form and general serviceableness, making it of great value in the composition of the modern printed page. ED ITORIA L. Valuable originals are usually insured white in custody of The Studio, but it must be understood that all material is sent, and received, at °tuner’, risk. Contributors should subrnit photographe, for first consideration, rather chan originale. All material shottld bear full nameand address, and be accompanied by return postage. Personal Enquiries shoulc1 be accompanied by a stamped and addressed envelope. The Editor can only be seen by appointment. AGENTS AND SU BS CR IP TION S. Home, 2s. per copy, 28s. per annum, post free. Bound Volume 15e. Overseas. British Dominions, India, Countries in Postal Union. 30s. post free. Canada (The Masson Book Co., 225 Jarvis St., Toronto), 26s. post free. France (Librairie d’An Louis Reynaud, 52 Rue d’Assas, l’anis e), fis. 170 Post free. Italy (Gal/eria Pesaro, Via Manzoni 12a, Milan), L.110. U.S.A. (Published und.- the sicle « The London Studio »), $5.00, by tFe Studio Publications Incorporated, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York, to «hot, orders from U.S. readers sheuld be sent for all Studio Publications. ADVERTIS EM EN TS. For advertisement rates aPply to the Advertisement Dept., 44 Leicester Square. Copy by let of month prion to publication. No responsibility accepted for lors or damage of material or dratvings sent to Box Nos. or otherwise in response to advertisements. LONDON: THE STUDIO LIMITED, 44 LEICESTER SQUARE, W.C.2 Telephone : Whitehall 3267 (two lines) Telegrams: Rhombic, London