ROYAL COPENHAGEN PORCELAIN r1,O meet the present demand for inexpensive Tableware, 1 the Royal Copenhagen Factory has produced a number of new designs, both Porcelain and Faience. A special Exhibition will be arranged here in our London Galleries during May and June. The Faience Service, illustrated, is supplied at the price of £7 : Io o for a complete Set for eight persons. The price of the Dinner Plate is 2/2, and that of the Vegetable Dish 6/, The Glass Jug and Tumbler are Smoke-coloured Glass from Holmegaard. The price of the Jug is 7/- ; the Tumbler 1/9. The Table Silver is by Georg Jensen. The Fork, Knife and Spoon are 18/6 each. Examples of ORNAMENTAL PIECES just received from THE ROYAL COPENHAGEN FACTORY « The Good Samaritan, » in Celadon Porcelain, by Jais Nielsen. Height 124• ins. Price – – £15 o : o Craquelée Vase by T. Olsen. Height 7 ins. Price – – £. : 5 : o The Porcelain Tableware, illustrated below, is designed by Christian Joachim, and Sets can be arranged to suit individ-ual requirements. The price of the Dinner Plate is 13/9 ; the Soup Cup and S.M. 30/- ; the Sweet Bowl (height 6 ins.) £5 : Io : o. The Table Silver is by Georg Jensen, the Fork and Knife are 18/- each, the Spoon 15/6. The Table Glass is designed by Me. Keith Murray and produced by the Royal Brierley Glassworks. Champagne Glass 6/6 Claret Glass – – – 5/6 Port Glass – – – 5/0 The Pewter Candlestick (84 ins. high) is designed by Just Anders., price £3 • 3 • o. The Table Mat is embroidered with the famous Danish « Hedebo » Pattern. A Set of six Mats with six Serviettes costs 15 guineas. (Above bottom centre.) Iceland Girl in Blanc de Chine, by A. Malinowski. Height 64 iris. Price – – £7 o o (One of these models was purchased by the Victoria and Albert Museum.) Abr)e:ex:;emriht.) Stoneware Elephant by Knud Kyhn. ieiht74ir Price 7,0i FAUN AND COCK Underglaze decorated, modelled by Knud Kyhn. Height 13 ins. Price £40 o : o. For artistic presents, no finer selection can be seen in London. Inspection is cordially invited. We are also the Agents for Orrefors Glass, Whitefriars Glass, Elfverson Swedish Glass, Lalique, Rowley’s Inlaid Wood Panels, Royal Lancastrian Pottery, etc. THE ROYAL COPENHAGEN PORCELAIN CO., LTD, 6 OLD BOND STREET, LONDON, W.1. AD. 1