■ E. MCKNIGHT KAUFFER • F. C. HERRICK • LAURA KNIGHT ■ w a 0 ,. , z The Poster Shop *uu EÉ) ‹ Pleasing pictorial posters—pictures to har-monize with your decorations. You get them from the little shop at 55, Broadway, Westminster, where the Underground in-vites you to survey, at leisure, replicas of the posters which brighten the walls of their stations. Not everyone knows that they can be purchased, for the fact is not widely advertised. But loyers of Art know about this little shop and its treasures. They know that for nearly thirty years the ‘Under-ground’ has employed the foremost artists of the day, and that their works can be captured for a shilling or so. tint â ’59 You can change your pictures from time to tirne to suit your mood—your schemes of decoration; a change of picture makes a new room. The posters range from Io in. by 13 in. to 4o in. by 5o in., and the shop is open from g to 5 daily. 55, BROADWAY, WESTMINSTER, S.W.I. Telephone: VICTORIA 6800 O • WILL 0 VÉRA WILLOUGHBY • GREGORY BROWN • A. A. MOORE EM