MONG THE FINER THINGS OF LIFE Superb craftsmanship worhing on exquisite Virenia leaf has produceci in PLAYER’S N93 a cigarette that satishc tHe mort ructing Smoker EXTRA QUALITY VIRGINIA 10..8° 20.A/4 50.3/3 100.6/4 lek or withoui aek,rips A Harbour Street Price 25/- Vint, COLOUR PRINTS after MODERN ARTISTS in various sizes at prices from 2,- to £3 3s. If you cannot call, please write for illustrated catalogue, price One Shilling. F. J. WARD, 3 BAKER ST. LONDON, W.i. Welbeck 3747 AD. VIII REDFERN GALLERY 27 OLD BOND STREET Portrait by R. 0. Dunlop FORTHCOMING EXHIBITIONS MARCH 3o RICHARD EURICH APRIL 22 VERE TEMPLE AND MAY 27 JOHN TUNNARD COLOUR PRINTS JULY 29 ALWAYS ON VIEW Pictures by Ail Contemporary Artists. Largest Selection of Wood-Engravings and Colour Prints in London APRIL 27 JUNE