Educational ST. JOHN’S WOOD ART SCHOOLS 29 ELIVI TREE ROAD, N.W.8. Principal : FREDERICK D. WALENN Visitor : MOUAT LOUDAN Hon. Advisory Council : SIR GEORGE FRAMPTON, R.A., SIR JOHN LAVERY, R.A., PROF. SELWYN IMAGE, C. H. SHANNON, ESQ., A.R.A. THE SCHOOLS PROVIDE A COMPLETE COURSE OF TRAINING IN ART, IN-CLUDING ELEMENTARY, ANTIQUE, STILL LIFE, LIFE (FIGURE AND COSTUME), COMPOSITION, OBSERVATION CLASS, ANATOMY, PERSPECTIVE AND LANDSCAPE. SPECIAL CLASSES FOR DRAWING FOR REPRODUCTION, BLACK-AND,WHITE, FASHION WORK, DESIGN AND LETTERING. STUDENTS MAY ENTER AT ANY TISSE AND ?HEIR TERM STARTS FROM THE DAY OF ENTRANCE. ALL APPLICATIONS TO BE MADE TO THE PRINCIPAL TELEPHONE: PARI{ 4975 THE BYAM SHAW AND VICAT COLE ART SCHOOL 70 Campden Street, Church Street, Kensington, W.8. REX VICAT COLE, R.B.C. PAINTING. A. S. HARTRICK, R.W.S. BOOK ILLUSTRATION. HEAD. ELEANOR FORTESCUE BRICKDALE, R.W.S. COMPOSITION. F. ERNEST JACKSON. LIFE. MEN AND WOMEN’S LIFE CLASSES EVERY DAY. ST. IVES SCF-100L PRINCIPAL CHARLES SIMPSON, R.I., R.0.1 OF PAINTING FIGURE. MARINE. LANDSCAPE The Object of the School is to teach Modern Methods of Painting in Oils, Tempera, and Water-Colours ; also Colot, Printing from Wood Blocks, etc., and other methods of Reproduction. Prospectus on Application to THE SECRETARY, THE SHORE STUDIO, ST IVES, CORNWALL. Newlyn School of Painting UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MR. STANHOPE FORBE.S, R.A. Drawing and Painting Irons the Life. Landscape Painting. etc. Summer and Wieder Classes are field. For full particulars apply to Mr. Scannons FORBES, Higher Faugan, Newlyn, Penzance. STUDIO SCHOOL OF LANDSCAPE PAINTING Instructed by WILLIAM T. WOOD, R.W.S. The Craft of Painting in ois ce Water-Colour. Landscape Composition. Demonstrations. (Also Private Lessons). Particulars on application STUDIO, Ex GLEBE PLACE, CHELSEA, S.W. 3 W. BOGINTON, R.I. Conducts Outdoor mcgluSetupderitVerts in Landscape and • • TRIGNMOUTH • d’ ‘ a 1tÎ rPcr reIy , 7nOrlEe 71,IGC e.ea Mr. S. Arthur Lindsey, Holds Classes at the Studio 12 REDCLIFFE ROAD, S.W. IO IN OIL, VVATER-COLOUR AND MINIATURE PAINTING PkivATE AND CORRESPONDENCE LESSONS General criticisms for Students who feel  » stuck  » in their progress R.S.P.C.A. (Royal So…iety for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animais/ Calendar Picture Competition (OPEN TO ALE) lst Prize : £25. 2nd Prize : £15. 3rd Prize : £10. With the object of interesting artists in the Centenary Celebrations of the R.S.P.C.A. the Council of the Society is holding a COMPETITION for appro-priate CALENDAR DESIGNS. The first-prize witining design will be used for the R.S.P.C.A. Calendar, 1925. CLOSING DATE, 29th February, 1924. For further particulars and mules apply to : The Chief Secretary, R.S.P.C.A., 105 Jermyn Street, London, S.W.1 AD, XV