TI IF, MORRIS ART BRONZE FOVNDRY STATVES, STATVETT ES AND TABLETS HAVE BEEN SATISFACTORILY CAST FOR THE FOLLOWING ARTISTS: SIR ASTON H E. LATE SIR THOMAS BROCK , ALFRED DRVRY, R.A., SIR EDWIN LVTYE MS, R.A., SIR BERT RAM MACKEN NAL, R.A., H.PECRAM, R.A.,F.W.POMEROY,R.A., PRO. DERWENT WOOD ,R.A.,C HARLES L. IlARTWELL , A.R.A., SIR ROBERT LORI m E_R ,A.R.A., R.S.A,H.POOLE, A.R.A.,jOHN ANGEL,P(.BENTHAN1 ,H.CAWTHRA,H.C.FEHR,L.JENNINGS, W.MARStDEN ),TWF_E r), AL FSERT TOFT, WA0e-, ETC ., F.TC. « MORRIS HOVSE », ROCHE5TER ROW, WEST M 1 N STE R, LON DON,SW,1 PHONE:VICTORIA 61131-5. TEL. MORISITANT SONY/EST LONDON ti SLIM G LIIM •. Drawing Peris —the famous 659 Artists the world over know and appreciate Gillott’s 659 Crow Qui]!. For fine, clear line work it excels and it is absolutely dependable. Supplied b• -Artists’ Culourmen, Stationers, etc., on tard with I 2 pens and holder for 2S. Il unable to obtain locally write direct to address shown, below, a !id the cens witl be sent Post free by return. Joseph Gillott & Sons, l’en Maker, to 11.M. Ore King Victoria %ris, Cralliam. St., Birmingham AD. IX