Foyle’s Book Offers BURLINGTON FINE ARTS CLUB Exhibition of a Collection of Golistn’th’s work of European origin. 4to, original buckram gilt, 120 plates. with an Introduction by j . STARK IE GARDNER. London, 1901. 6880 SIR THOMAS LAWRENCE. By LORD RONALD GOWER. 4to. fine paper edition, 1.mited to 600 copies. ProfuselY illus-tend with de,,; also contaaning a complete Catalogue of Sir Thomas Lawrence’s Works, compiled by ALGERNON GRAVES (originally publishei at £8 8 0) 1900. 42/- SOCIAL CARICATURE M the Eighteenth Century. By GEORGE PASTON. With over 200 Illustrations. Fine copy in original cloth, butkram back. 1905. £3 3 0 VENUS AND APOLLO, in Painting and Sculpture. Edited br w. J. STILTMAN. Folio. half vellum, one of 550 copies on hand-made paper. IlluArated with fine reproductions of classical Works of Art, frontispiece in colours. 1897. £4 4 0ART SALES. By GEORGE REDFORD. A History of Sales of Pictures and other Works of Art. Illustrated by autotypes of famous Paintings and Portraits of Eminent Collectors. 2 vols. Cr. 40,. Bien,, extra. Printed for Subscribers only. 1888. £6 6 0 HISTORY OF ENGLISH FURNITURE. By McQUOID. Medici Society Re,rint. Plates in Colour and Black and White. 4 vols. Folio. Buckram. In wrappers. 1923. £10 0 I Original Edition. 4 vols. In original covers. 1904 8. £7 15 0 A SHORT HISTORY OF ART. By F. C. TURNER. Fully Illustrated. With Glossary. Nearly 400 pages. Published at 7/6. Our price (new) 4/6, postage 6d. OLD ENGUSH S1LVER. A.B.C. Auction Sales Record. BY ABBEY. A Guide to tht• value of Old English Silver. Descriptions etc. of over 1,400 lots sold at Christie’s, 1919 and 1920. Publiled 5,’- ne. 1/8, post free. Any of above sent on approval. Mention Offer 233. THAT BOOK YOU WANT ! FOYLE’S can supply it. Immense stock (secon d -han,: and new) on every conceivable subject. Catalogues free. Mention requirements. THAT BOOK YOU DO NOT WANT! Fort,g’s wil) buy it– a single volume 1,1, tO a niai, , . ` . ,N ‘ . I …. –.1 ., , , ‘ ‘ 0, ,-, ‘ if • »’ , . .. • ; ‘. ‘ ‘ •,’ ,-. ,k . ;>, , , ‘ , ‘  ». , ,:,•••••:’ . . – – CLO D I C) N TO BE SOLD Write to ME. ESCOUPERIE, Notaire, PERPIGNAN (France). 121-125, Charing Cross Road, London, W.C. 2 (,,—=, Il LA LIBRAIRIE A Louis DE IVIEULENEERE COPPERPLATE’t PRESSES , -1, .it .I. 1 , AL.„ t e,001à, 77,d, m,king and printing etchings, dry-points, aquatints, mezzo-tints. and copper end block engrav-ings, including copper and zinc plates, wood bloAs, points, scrapers, bu, nishers, etc. Grounds and Mordants, Colours, lnks, Hand-ense. d Pir iati.:cojii. pc:peerrs Wholesale and Retail from Stock at W ,F . E D .• KimBER 36 Bedford Place LON DON • W…,C,., i .ini.s.t2t2senC;c:,. free on applicatior 21 Rue de Chêne, Brussels , , have jont published their General Catalogue on the Fine Arts consisting of 2000 items on sale at marked prices, Classified botte in Alphabetical and Analytical order, this catalogue is divided into tWO parts as follow : The First Part : Applied Art, Decorative, Industrial, Plastic, Architectural, Earth, Fire, Metal, Wood, Tissues, Glass, and consists of 900 items. The Second Part deals with the Fine Arts, Painting, Sculpture, Engraving, Fine Illustrated Works and Editions de Grand Luxe, comprising 1100 items. An Alphabetical List of Author’s names is in- cluded which summarises our preceding cata- logues of art publications, and consists of nearly 3000 titles. The two Alphabetical Indexes are sent, post free, Price 7.50 fr. each, this sum being deducted from the amount of the first order taken from either part of the Catalogue. – . ,R,….ii, , 1.’ 4-7.17;:-4-zl’..,.-= .-« ‘ ‘ I . «-__-,,, `.,, , , — 1,1 = – .- .tr,,,i&Z. — The Cheanest Efficient:Press. With zinc lined,. wood plank, 16in. s 8.., prints including complete suppiy of ink, blankets and wiping canvas • – – – . • • £7 wid e range of N,,, and Second.hand Presses in ana, from .6 to .220. A CESTURV ,, EXPERIENCE. •, • A PRINT L I B R A R Y i The dea of a circulating library from which books are borrowed periodically for purposes of study and pleasure bas long been familiar ; but until rccently this scheme has sot been extended to prints. Four . years ago we started such a service and are none regularly circulating portfolios of modern prints and drawings amongst our subscribers in ail parts of the world. Ail interested are invitcd to obtain further particulars from THE PRINT SOCIETY. An International Society of Print Makers and Collectors. VVOODGREEN COMMON, BREAMORE, HAMPSHIRE ii AD. VIII