DESIGNS WANTED RoNALD MASSV,’ (lute Art ïditor of  » ne Bystander ») Art and Litcrary AçctIt ORIGINAL AND AT 111 ■CTIVE POSTER AND S11()WCARD DESIGNER REQUIR I .1). BEST WORK ONLY. ALSO BLACK AND WHITE AND FASHION ARTISTS. 23 KNIGHTRIDER ST., LONDON. E.C. 4 Tel. No.: Central 6540-6541. Good Fashion Artists Illustrators in Black and White and Colour required by Art & Publicity Service 7 Southampton Street High Holborn, London. W.C.1 Tel,hone : Museum 396 WANTED New &Original WALL PAPER DESIGNS SUCS MIT TO A SANDE RSON E)R A NCH OF THE WALL PAPER CI-113WICKW4 ADVERTISERS WOULD PURCHASE Designs for Domestic Leaded Glazing MODERN STYLE. Apply in fies instance to Box 555 of this Paper. NO PARCELS IN FIRST INSTANCE. TO ARTISTS. PICTURES AND DESIGNS WANTED for showcards, cutouts, and novelties, finished drawings or rougF.s, in colour or black and white. Bu). attends 150 Shaftesbury Avenue, Il a.m. First and Third Mondavs. « MODELLIT » _1(rANY Artists and Sculptors prefer a Modelling Material that will allow the thumb to slide freely over the surface by the addition of water, and also to use a wet sponge while working. Such a material is  » Modellit.- Beautifully ductile and smooth in use and made in a selection of eight artistic colours. Samples and particulars fret Sam’. pound, 2/., post free Harbutt’s Plasticine Ltd., 23 Bathampton, BATH FRENCH MODEL HATS MADELEINE George Street, Honorer Square, W.I Maoloir 1569 ARTISTS’ MODEL AGENCY ma’a,C,7dJrmale RTISTIC Photographic LIFE STUDIES 121- and 14,- Per dotes. STUDIO TO LETuS itable fornilit,to.gorraà>cie or Painting. ROBESPIERRE AND PINAUD 6 Rowan Road, Brook Green, London, W.6 Licensed by L.C.C. Telephone: 366 Ilammersmith HOW TO EXPRESS EMOTION IN COLOUR Taught by Well-known Continental Artist ln Uils. ater-colours, or Pastels Instruction how to obtain a quick Colouri Sketch of a Fugitive Effect, to Prepare a Picture for Suceurs. Mose-ris, and Twilight, and to Paint Subjects at lote Twilight, and Nocturnes front Pencil and Mental Studies. In Six Correspondence Lessons ln the w:nter the lassons are sent from Italy  » The Studio of this Painter-Poet à ablaze with colour studies. »—The:Sunday Pictorial. F8’crocittetOr.: fez». suMPIEr- ‘MACRE, VCIDE2FTR.