682 SWORD POMMEL AND GRIP OF GILDED BRONZE SOUTH GERMAN, LATE 16TH CENTURY The pomme! four-sided, with representations of Ludwig of Bavaria, each bas-relief showing the Elector with emblems of power and weapons, shield bearing lions, etc. The angles with sphinxes crested by amorini heads. The grip finely engraved with foliations. (2) Height of pommel, inches; length of grip, 31/4 inches From the Spitzer legacies. 683 SILVER POMMEL OF A DAGGER IN THE FORM OF A BISHOP’S MITRE SPANISH, 15TH CENTURY With niello on fleur-de-lisé ornaments. Two broad bands with archaic inscription, a dog and other effaced ornamentations. From the Spitzer legacies. Height, 13/1 inches [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 684 JEWELLED BOSSOIR WITH ROCK CRYSTAL, FROM A HORSE-TRAPPING NORTH ITALIAN, 17TH CENTURY Circular in form and covered with an ajouré composition of star with foliations of gilded bronze, the triangles with cabochon rubies and emeralds, silver-mounted, and the centre with a huge boss formed by cut rock crystal. The back with a ring for fastening. Diameter, 41/2 inches From the Spitzer legacies. BOOKS ON ARMOUR AND OTHER SUBJECTS NUMBERS 685-686 685 SEVEN VOLUMES DEALING WITH ARMOUR, COSTUME AND HORSEMANSHIP Comprising: Schrenck (Jacob). Ambraszische Helden-Rust-Kam-mer. Nurnberg, 1725. Vecellio (Cesare). Habiti Antichi, et Moderni di tutto il Mondo. Venice, 1598. Aretinus (Leonardus). Rhomer krieg wider die Carthaginenser. Augsburg, 1540. Grisone (Frederico). Ordini di Cavalcare. Venice, 1590. And album of 17th century India ink drawings of armour and costume. (7) 362