[NUMBER 669] 669 PAGEANT SHIELD (RONDACHE DE PAREMENT) ITALIAN, 16TH CENTURY The centre boldly protruding and with finial in the form of a griffin gargoyle of bronze. The field is divided by bands of Pisan ornament handsomely chiselled and gilded with acanthus arabesques and em-blems in circular medallions. The interstices of steel pointillé in relief. The interior with one of the enarmes remaining, backed by elaborately fleur-de-lisé and gilded escutcheons. Marks of a thrust. The grip of the enarme formed by a hollow tube with geometrical corrugations. The large centre rosette and the floral finial which appear on the plate had been lost at the time of the Paris sale and were replaced by the present bronze finial with animal grotesques. Diameter, 241/2 inches Compare Laking, « European Armour and Arms », vol. 4, pp. 233-234. Pageant shields were considered fitting gifts from sovereign to sovereign. They were carried by great princes and nobles, conse-quently the artist armorers ovished upon them their best endeavors. —Laking. Illustrated and described in « La Collection Spitzer », Paris, 1892, vol. 6, p. 20, No. 91, Plate 22. SALE, PARIS, 1893. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 350