[NUMBER 665] 665 EPEE A DEUX PISTOLETS BY SEBASTIAN HERNANDEZ SPANISH, 16TH CENTURY An outstanding example. The swept-hilt grip of nielloed steel with gold and silver foliations in the method of Azzemina. Straight quil-lons, the hand guard reaching the pommel with three sloping branches joining in semi-circular sweep, the anneau with pas d’ane. The pommel ovoid and twelve-sided. The grip tightly wound with corded iron steel spiral. On the blade near the hilt is fixed a platine of very light workmanship, the gun-plate with double wheelocks acting upon two small superimposed barrels on the reverse side of the blade. The blade is canulated near the hilt and bears poinçon and the armorer’s name. Museum specimen. The circular ornamental wheel covers of gilded bronze. Length, 44 inches Illustrated and described in « La Collection Spitzer », Paris, 1892, vol. 6, p. 32, No. 139, Plate 26. SALE, PARIS, 1893. [SEE ILLUSTRATIONS SHOWING BOTH SIRES] 346