« « ••:, «,,,k7e- :-..—’-,-1C,M! dr,,;■ FL [NUMBER 633] 633 RELIQUARY GROUP OF THE VIRGIN AND CHILD, OF SILVER-GILT FLEMISH, 15TH OR EARLY 16TH CENTURY On an eight-sided plinth, molded and decorated with quatrefoil and rosettes and with counterforts in the form of niches, is placed the Virgin seated on a stall with high back, surmounted by fretted folia-tions and architectural pinnacle. The sides of the chair are composed of a claire-voie in the Gothic style, crested by lions’ bodies and faced by angels on their dais, holding musical instruments. The Virgin draped in voluminous robes, bordered with rubies, moonstones, sap-phires and pearls. Her head is veiled and adorned by crown also enriched with pearls and rubies, her neck with a jewel bearing a cabochon sapphire. With her left arm she supports the Christ-child, while with her right hand she holds his foot caressingly. The child 326