[NUMBER 623] 623 DOUBLE BOCAL OF SILVER, PARCEL-GILT GERMAN, 16TH CENTITRY Composed of two vessels identical in design, but varying in diameter of the neck for superimposition. The feet of baluster form and enriched with three small scrolled handles reaching from the neck of the superbly ornamented vase. The decoration consisting of fruit, mascarons of men, women and angels, the work exquisitely done in repoussé. Bottom of one with slight repair. Extreme height of the composed vessels, 133/4 inches Described in « La Collection Spitzer », Paris, 1891, vol. 3, p. 12, No. 12; compare also p. 15, No. 29; Atlas, Plate 45. SALE, PARIS, 1893, CATALOGUE NUMBER 1712. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 315