[NUMBER 612] [NUMBER 613] 612 PENDANT OF GOLD, ENAMELLED AND JEWELLED GERMAN, 17TH CENTURY On a ground of foliations with rising flowers and enriched in cross form with diamonds and rubies in square and rectangular moufits, is placed a pelican enamelled in white and gold, its wings studded with diamonds and its breast with a ruby forming the drops of blood offered to its young. The three young pelicans are placed on the border of a nest of gold filigree, also studded with small diamonds. The jewel terminates into two small pear-shaped pearls and pear-shaped emerald gold-mounted to resemble a tasse]. Extreme length, 31/2 inches Doubtless by the same hand as pendant in « La Collection Spitzer », Paris, 1891, vol. 3, p. 158, No. 85. From the Spitzer legacies. 613 PENDANT OF GOLD, ENAMELLED AND ADORNED WITH CAMEO ITALIAN, 16TH CENTURY The cameo exquisitely eut of sardonyx, with the bust of a woman dressed in the taste of the antique, in relief in creamy white against a blue-gray ground. The enamelled gold frame is enriched with filigree foliations. Triple suspension chain. The jewel terminates in a small pear-shaped pearl. Size, 31/2 inehes Described in « La Collection Spitzer », Paris, 1891, vol. 3, p. 148, No. 37. SALE, PARIS, 1893, CATALOGUE NUMBER 1822; Atlas, Plate XLVII. [SEE ILLUSTRATION OF BOTH NUMBERS ABOVE] 308