[NUMBER 610] 610 JEWELLED PENDANT OF GOLD, ENAMELLED AND WITH FINE PEARLS, ATTRIBUTED TO BENVENUTO CELLINI ITALIAN, 16TH CENTURY A superb example of the Florentine school. Under an arcade formed by buttressed pilasters studded with rubies is placed a group of Hercules and Anteus. Their armour made of pearls ; the flesh tints enamelled. The hair and loin cloth of gold. Above their heads is a fan light enamelled blue. The pediment is of most imaginative elabo-ration, with two dogs flanking a composition of enamelled scrolls. The arch is flanked at the base by two lions of gold, and rests on a bracket eentred upon a white enamelled ram’s head bearing large cabochon ruby. The jewel terminates in three pendant pearls. Length, 41/2 inches Similar in workmanship to, but more important than the example in « La Collection Spitzer », vol. 3, 1891, Color Plate II, No. 48. From the Spitzer legacies. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 306