JEWELS NUMBERS 605-613 [NUMBER 606] [NUMBER 605] 605 PENDANT SCENT-BOTTLE OF ENAMELLED GOLD AND AGATE FRENCH, 16TH CENTURY In the form of a cylindrical vessel of plum-colored agate, the ends with bas-relief enamels of the patriarche Jonas and Abraham. With the legends in black and gold enamel on rings. Suspended on three chains from scrolled ornament and on fluted foot. Extreme length, 31h, inches From the Spitzer legacies. [sEE ILLUSTRATION] 606 GOLD PENDANT, JEWELLED, ENAMELLED AND WITH FINE PEARLS ITALIAN, 16TH CENTURY Composed of a ring of ruby dentils serving as hoop for a green enamelled parrot, with rubies enriching his body. On four Bides of this ring are sapphires in square mounts with fine pearls. The clasp also richly jewelled, terminating in three pear-shaped pearls. Height, 3 inches From the Spitzer legacies. [sEE ILLUSTRATION] 303