[NUMBER 592] 592 COFFER OF ETCHED SILVER-GILT COPPER WITH GILDED BRONZE MOUNTS AUGSBURG, 16TH CENTURY A superb example, the rectangular case covered with five plaques etched with representations from the stories of Abraham and Mel-chizedek, Noah, and Cain and Abel. The outstanding figures, some animais and some architectural and landscape detail, richly gilded ; the remainder silver and nielloed. The eight incidents are illustrated with their legends in Latin, from the Old Testament, engraved at the base. Under the mounts the artist’s monogram. The mounts are com-posed of four three-quarter columnar balusters gracing the corners, with bas-relief representations of the labors of Hercules. On cylin-drical members and on the plinth groups of animais; also acanthus enrichments and festooned masks on balusters cresting the pillars. Length, 131/2 inches; height, 7 inches; width, 71/2 inches From the Spitzer legacies. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 294