[NUMBER 554] ATTRIBUTED TO NICOLAS CUSTOU, THE ELDER FRENCH, 1658-1733 554 TWO CARVED WHITE MARBLE BUSTS OF YOUNG WOMEN, IN THE TASTE OF THE ANTIQUE Their bodies draped with himatia formalistically folded and exposing the breast. Their heads are crowned by jewelled diadems cresting the wavy hair tied in the Grecian fashion, which falls in free strains over their shoulders. The features are small and of serene beauty; the eyes are closed. Warm, cream-colored patina. Contemporary rouge antique marble plinths. (2) Height of each on plinth, about 25 inehes From the cabinet of Monsieur de Lalive. From the foyer of the residence of the late Frederic Spitzer, Rue Villejust, Paris, now the Turkish Embassy. From the Spitzer legacies. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 269