[NUMBER 543] 543 GROUP OF CARVED IVORY REPRESENTING CHRIST AND AN APOSTLE FRENCH, 14TH CENTURY They are seated facing each other. Christ holds with his right hand the sharp edge of an ax blade, while with his left he holds a fluted pole. The apostle also grips the pole of the weapon in his right hand and in his left he holds a closed book. Carved in high relief. The characterization is of great beauty, and the treatment of the folded robes, allowing for no protrusions, is of supreme sculptural interest. In nearly perfect state, with the exception of fragmentary pole. Height, 51/2 inches; width, 4 inches Described in « La Collection Spitzer, » Paris, 1890, vol. 1, p. 53, No. 83. SALE, PARIS, 1893, CATALOGUE NUMBER 118; Atlas, Plate III. [sEE ILLUSTRATION] 258