PIERRE ALEXANDRE WILLE FRENCH, 1748-1820 528 LES DELICES MATERNELS The young mother seated in an oval-backed chair in voluminous eighteenth century silk robes of silver and blue with feathered cockade in her undulating coiffure, about to trim the hat of her little boy with a feathered ribbon. He is dressed in a garment of rich amber with a scarf of rose furnished with lace. In his right hand he holds an apple, while in his left an open school book. To the left a table with an open powder box and pull. Background of drapery with faint oval. (2) Canvas. Signed « P. A. Wille, Filius Pxte. 1780 ». In carved and gilded (rame in the Louis XVI tarte. Height, 1614 inches; width, 13 inches. To be sold with its contemporary fine engraving by J. G. Wille after this painting by his son, Pierre Alexandre. From the Spitzer legacies. [SEE ILLUSTRATION, PRECEDING PAGE] 246