[NUMEER 527] PIERRE ALEXANDRE WILLE FRENCH, 1748-1820 527 LES SOINS MATERNELS A young mother seated in an armchair and fondling her son, who stands on her knee. She is dressed in a soft rose-colored robe de chambre with blue trimming and a white scarf of silk, while the boy is dressed in bleu-de-ciel. To the right a table with a crib in a quilted slip cover. Complementary background with feigned oval. (2) Canvas. Signed « P. A. Wille Filius Pxte. 1780 ». Height, 1614, inches; width, 13 inches. In carved and gilded frame in the Louis XVI tarte. To be sold with its contemporary line engraving by J. G. Wille after this picture by his son, Pierre Alexandre. From the Spitze-2 legacies. 244