509 IMPORTANT HIGH RELIEF GROUP IN COLORED WAX DUTCH, 16TH CENTURY After Rai)hael’s « Sposalizio ». A sculpture of the very highest quality in this medium of representation. In the centre, the high priest performing the marriage of the Holy Virgin. She is dressed in robes of blue and rose, while St. Joseph appears in a shepherd’s garment of green, embroidered with a key border, and with a yellow cloak. The bearded high priest in rich oriental garb. To the left four holy women in medieval costume, and to the right, near St. Joseph, five youthful onlookers, two of whom are holding emblems. In the back-ground a Roman temple and a number of very small personages on the ground and under the arcades. The colors of the softest and most plastic polychromy. In contemporary frame with delicate paste enrichments. Size, 223/4 x 17 inches From the Spitzer legacies. [SEE ILLUSTRATION, PRECEDING PAGE] 226