458 INCENSE BOAT OF ENAMELLED AND GILDED BRONZE BYZANTINE, PROBABLY 13TH CENTURY The top with hinged centre crested with serpents crouching and ser-pent handles. Floriations in gilded bronze on a ground of bleu-de-ciel. The two ends with serpent heads; the under part with multi-colored enamels in border with wavy band. From the Spitzer. legacies. Length, 63/4 inches; height, 2 inches [NUMBER 459] 459 CROSS OF CHAMPLEVE ENAMEL ON COPPER LIMOGES, IN PART 14TH CENTURY The cross composed of plaques of enamel of lapis-blue with fleurettes of gilded metal framing circles of green and white with centres of rose-red. The orphreys are green and yellow with copious use of gold and tituli X.P.S. and I.H.s. The halo is engraved and nielloed. The gilded image of Christ is of much later date. Height, 12 inches; width, 61/2 inches From the Spitzer legacies. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 201