452 OUTER WATCH CASE OF AJOURE BRONZE GERMAN, 16TH CENTURY Oviform and engraved with scriptural figure representation in a decorative frame of marguerite arabesques. Finely ajouré border. Length, 21/2 inches For similar cases of portable timepieces, compare Britten, « Old Clocks and their Makers », pp. 72-4. From the Spitzer legacies. 453 GILDED AND ENGRAVED DRUM OF A TABLE CLOCK GERMAN, 16TH CENTURY The circular body handsomely engraved with interlaced arabesques and ajouré with three « roses » of delicate workmanship. The bottom with engraved bal] feet also richly ornamented with inscriptions referring to movement, poinçon and monogram of the metal worker. Height, 31/2 inches; diameter, 71/2 inches Of workmanship similar to case illustrated in Britten, « Old Clocks and their Makers », p. 67. The late Frederic Spitzer ingeniously used these ornamental dock drums as jardinieres in his gallery. From the Spitzer legacies. ART OF THE CHURCH IN CHAMPLEVE AND TRANSLUCENT ENAMELS, AND SILVER-GILT NUMBERS 454-470 454 BOSSETTE OF SILVER-GILT, ENAMELLED AND JEWELLED VENETIAN, 17TH CENTURY In the form of a circular rosette with fine, corded threads dividing green enamelled reserves set with cabochon rubies. From the Spitzer legacies. 198