[NUMBER 451] 451 ASTRONOMICAL TABLE CLOCK OF GILDED BRONZE GERMAN, 16TH CENTURY Probably the work of a Nuremberg clockmaker. On an elaborately shaped incurved plinth with armorial symbols in cartouche, the rectangular case flanked by four magnificently designed fluted colum-nar balusters, on bases of satyr masks and engraved plinth. The case with two dials, the front with hour ring, with double graduations and centre dial for the strike movement. The back with dial for the alarm. The bell tower highly architectural, formed as an arcaded dome crested by a figurine of Mercury and an amour. The pendulum is placed on the exterior of the dock. Height, 13 inches Similar examples, « La Collection Spitzer », Paris, 1892, vol. 5, color plate No. 18. From the Spitzer legacies. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 197