N UMBER 439] 439 SMALL BOOK-SHAPED CLOCK OF GILDED BRONZE GERMAN, 16TH CENTURY The entire cover ornamented with richly engraved arabesques with lions and hunting dogs. The front with a large rosette; the back with a superbly ajouré composition of birds and rabbits on tree-trunks. The dial with time-ring of steel divided into twenty-four hours. The back of the movement with cipher and the letter « H » in poincon [Dionistus Hessicht, the maker of the celebrated Berna]. book-shaped dock?]. Size, 3 x 13, inches Illustrated and described in « La Collection Spitzer », Paris, 1892, vol. 5, p. 51, No. 67. SALE, PARIS, 1893, CATALOGUE NUMBER 2700; Atlas, Plate LX. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 185