[NUMBER 395] [NUMBER 394] 394 BRONZE MOUNT OF A DRINKING CUP AUGSBURG, EARLY 16TH CENTURY An exceedingly rare document of the art of bas-relief, nearly cylin-drical and divided into voluted arches, each with the full standing figure of a warrior or a huntsman in Roman armour. The arches are divided by columnar pillars crested by Bacchic masks of exuber-ant expression. Note the imaginative quality of the lion and the grotesque archer. Slight defect at base. Height, 31/1 inches From the Spitzer legacies. [sEE ILLUSTRATION] HORN, AMBER AND MOTHER-OF-PEARL NUMBERS 395-402 395 OVIFORM BOWL OF HORN CARVED IN BAS-RELIEF FRANCO-ITALIAN, LATE 16TH CENTURY Of rich blond texture and exceedingly translucent. Both sides orna-mented with rams’ bodies, with their horns terminating in volutes and flanking cartouches. Size, 43/4 x 3 inches From the Spitzer legacies. [sEE ILLUSTRATION] 156