[NUMEER 390] 390 BRONZE STATUE AFTER THE ANTIQUE FRANCO-ITALIAN, LATE 17TH CENTURY Youth intended to carry an amphora. The nude upstanding body of an adolescent Roman, with his hands uplifted to an even level. His youthful countenance crowned by curling hair. On a circular plinth. Dark patina. Height, 38 juches This statue was one of the objects most favored by the late Frederic Spitzer. Topped by a brass bowl and filled with flowers it furnished the centre of the library table in the Spitzer Museum. It is illus-trated in the well-known rendition of the museum interior opposite p. 10 in « Le Museé Spitzer », by Edmond Bonnaffé, Paris, 1890. Frcm the Spitzer legacies. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 153