BRONZE BAS-RELIEFS, MEDALS AND MEDALLIONS NUMBERS 268-294 268 FIVE GILDED BRONZE PLAQUETTES FRENCH AND GERMAN, 16TH TO EARLY 18TH CENTURY Including brooch with a profile representation of Hercules and enamelled legend. Small bas-relief of the Regence with the Judg-ment of Paris, and plaquette with allegorical figures in a niche. A remarkably fine cartouche of the late Renaissance with Jupiter and Juno; and oblong medallion with exquisitely sculptured representa-tion of the death of Lucrezia, with fine detail of modelling of horse and dog. Diameter of each, about 11/2 inches From the Spitzer legacies. 269 TWO CIRCULAR BAS-RELIEF PLAQUETTES OF GILDED BRONZE FLEMISH, 16TH CENTURY One a group of loyers in the costume of the Renaissance; the other an allegorical nude figure with ewer. (2) Diameter, 13/4 inches From the Spitzer legacies. 270 TWO GILDED BRONZE PLAQUETTES FRENCH, EARLY 17TH CENTURY The ride wings of a triptych. Representing SS. Jerome and Sebas-tian. Dexterously worked in bas-relief. In rectangular f rame fitted with their emblems. Pediment and plinth with mask volutes. Size of each, 7 x 3 inches From the Spitzer legacies. 105