[NUMBER 231] 231 DRAGEOIR OF PAINTED LIMOGES ENAMEL BY JEAN COURTEYS [JEAN DE COURT] FRENCH, MID-16TH CENTURY Hemispherical in form; the coupe rests on a vase-shaped baluster and molded foot. The cover is conical, with a double curve. The interior of bowl: Eve giving Adam the apple of knowledge of good and evil; border of gold arabesques. The exterior of bowl with interlaced straps framing satyr masks. On one of the straps the signature, I. C. The ground semé with gold volutes; border of beads. On the foot festoons and bouquets of fruit, suspended from lions’ masks among other harmonizing ornaments. Black counter enamel semé with rosettes and fleur-de-lys of gold. The cover with repre-sentations from the story of Adam and Eve in three distinct compo-sitions, and crested by a finial of bronze composed of a seated allegorical female figure holding an armorial shield charged with a griffin rampant. The interior of the cover with thermae bearing grotesque heads and composite winged beasts. Border of a festoon of fruit and foliations. Grisaille, the painting simulating relief, the fiesh salmon-colored and heightened with gold. Slight restorations. Height, 11 inches; diameter, 71/2 inches Illustrated and described in « La Collection Spitzer, » Paris, 1891, vol. 2, pp. 65 and 66, No. 146. SALE, PARIS, 1893, CATALOGUE NUMBER 561; Atlas, Plate XVI. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 86