150 SMALL MIRROR FRAME OF GILDED BRONZE FRANCO-ITALIAN, 17TH CENTURY The pediment with cartouche bearing amorino head, C-scrolls and volutes. The ear brackets with fruit festoons; the base also with cartouche of human mask. Very fine gilding. Size, 7 x 43/4 inches From the Spitzer legacies. [151A] [151] [152] 151 GILDED BRONZE PLAQUETTE ATTRIBUTED TO IL RICCIO ITALIAN, 16TH CENTURY The Calvary. Spirited composition of seventeen figures in low-relief, the scene of Calvary above and, beneath, holy women, an equestrian figure in armour and soldiers bearing shields. Size, 5 x 31/4 inches Compare « La Collection Spitzer », Paris, 1892, vol. 4, p. 137, No. 24. From the Spitzer legacies. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 54