121 OVAL MIRROR FRAME OF STEEL, DAMASCENED WITH GOLD AND SILVER VENETIAN, 16TH CENTURY The design, a running border of husks. The back with a brass plaque bearing a sacred monogram, engraved. Stand lacking. Size, 43/4 x 33/4 inches Compare large frame of similar workmanship in « La Collection Spitzer », Paris, 1891, vol. 3, p. 45. From the Spitzer legacies. 122 JEWELLER’S HAND-SAW OF STEEL, PARTLY GILDED FRENCH, 18TH CENTURY Engraved with festoons on the face, whalebone handle. Very un-common. Length without handle, 21/2 inches From the Spitzer legacies. 123 ENGRAVED STEEL RULE, DAMASCENED IN SILVER AND GOLD FRENCH, CIRCA 1720 On one side the figure of an archer, deer and hound, foliation and trellises; on the other an armorial bearing. An exquisite bibelot of the Regence. Length, 9 inches From the Spitzer legacies. 124 WROUGHT IRON VEILLEUSE ITALIAN, 16TH CENTURY Composed of drip with incurved sides and ajouré border, the stem faced with the lily of Florence, pierced and terminating in inverted eagle heads. The hook with elaborately knobbed stem and serpent body flanking spear-head. Very uncommon. Height including hook, 17 inches From the Spitzer legacies. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 125 GREAT DOOR-KNOCKER OF IRON FRANCO-ITALIAN, 17TH CENTURY Composed of two fluted cornucopia volutes flanking compressed globu-lar knot; bold scale. The cresting canopied in form and ornamented in the early taste of the rocaille. Size, 10 x 91/4 inches From the Spitzer legacies. Inventory No. 3976. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 44