[NUMBER 118] 118 GOTHIC STEEL LOCK (PALATRE) FRENCH, 15TH CENTURY The centre with three flamboyant Gothic arches with elaborate floriations, each arch harboring figurine of an apostle; the arches on three molded plinths. Frame of elaborately ajouré bands, the one covering the boit with a handle in the form of a bearded human head. Size without boit, x 11 inches Illustrated and described in « La Collection Spitzer », Paris, 1891, vol. 2, p. 170, No. 3. SALE, PARIS, 1893, CATALOGUE NUMBER 875. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 119 IMPORTANT SET OF FIVE BAS-RELIEFS OF REPOUSSE AND ENGRAVED STEEL, PARTLY GILDED ITALIAN, 16TH CENTURY The enrichments of a coffer or a cabinet. Including large rectangular plaque with the judgment of Solomon, two with the story of Judith and Holofernes, one with Adam and Eve being chased from Para-dise, and another with Cain and Abel. The figures and the acces-sonies show a wealth of entertaining plastic detail. Note the fountain on the plaque of Cain and Abel. (3) Size, 3% x 7 inches to 71/2 x 10% inches Compare No. 36 in « La Collection Spitzer », Paris, 1891, vol. 3, p. 50. From the Spitzer legacies. 120 SET OF STEEL MOUNTS OF A COFFER, PARTLY GILDED FRENCH, 16TH CENTURY Composed of two strap hinges with fleur-de-lys terminations; two quatrefoil nail heads and seven plaquettes of varying sizes. Richly engraved with arabesques and damascened. From the Spitzer legacies. 43